Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post: Check These Guidelines Before You Begin Your Guest Post On Shopping!

Have you gone through our Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post? This blog is here to help all writers who need proper guidance, check out.

Shopping is an art and people who love to do shopping and writing about it more elaborately. This is a great opportunity for writers to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience.

Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post is a platform for writers to share their expertise on a variety of topics related to shopping. The site accepts guest posts on subjects like product reviews, shopping tips, and gift guides. Writers can submit their articles for consideration, and if accepted, their work will be published on the site. 

About shake-event.org

Shake-event.org is a website that provides information about various topics and how to prepare Write for Us + Shopping. The website offers a wealth of resources, including articles, videos, and infographics. Visitors can learn about the science behind various things, as well as how to create an emergency kit and develop an evacuation plan in the time of need. Our site is a valuable resource for many people who need knowledge on various different aspects.

Write for Us Shopping Guest Post Articles Guidelines

  • Shopping article word length: 750 to 1500 words
  • The article should be written without any biases towards any particular brand or company; we can understand shopping topics and should discuss the emerging brands’ offers and discounts. But it doesn’t need to be promoted or advertised.
  • A shopping Shopping Write for Us article is not only about sharing coupon codes and discount offers; it can also be an awareness article because there have been so many shopping scams worldwide. So, writers can also deal with the topic in this manner.
  • Articles should be written in excellent English with no errors.
  • Plagiarism or piracy activities are strictly prohibited on our platform; thus, each sentence must be the writer’s original “Write for Us” + Shopping work.
  • Plagiarism checker tools can be used to check the plagiarism level of the article; the score has to be 100.
  • The article must be structured with a proper title, headings, subheadings, conclusion, and description.
  • Images have to be attached to the Shopping + “Write for Us” documents; if the images don’t belong to the writers, they have to attach the source of the image below, and alt text can also be added.
  • In order to make our articles more visible in the search engine rankings, we have optimised that article.
  • Optimisation can be done through keyword research and the implementation of keywords in your  Shopping “Write for Us”.
  • Then how do you find such keywords? It can be easily found using Google Keyword Planner, the Semrush platform, etc.
  • The word gap between the keywords is 90 to 100 words; this keyword limit helps us prevent keyword stuffing.
  • Inbound links and outbound links have to be linked without fail; it is an indicator that the article is a credible one to be suggested to the readers.

Benefits to the Shopping + Write for Us writers

  • Our platform has an updated SEO plan for all our articles, so their performance will always be way ahead of our competitors, and hence, our writer’s works will reach a greater level of popularity.
  • Our professional team will extend their support to the writers by providing them with valuable suggestions and guidance.

How shall you submit your “Write for Us”+Shopping post?

Submitting a guest post can be a great way to expand your reach and share your expertise with a wider audience. The first step in submitting a guest post is to research potential topic that can be accepted in your niche. Once you have identified a few potential “Write for Us” + “Shopping” topics, carefully research about them and their submission guidelines to ensure that your post meets their requirements. then you can email ([email protected]) us for final checking.


In conclusion, Shake-event.org and Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post are two valuable resources for anyone looking to learn more about many topics such as shopping. The site offer a wealth of information and are easy to navigate. Whether you’re a writer looking to share your expertise or someone looking to prepare post for any topic, our site is worth checking out. Do share your feedback with us on our Write for Us+Shopping before you leave this post.

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