Write for Us + General Guest Post: Find All Details & Submit A Guest Post!

Read this article and find out all the details regarding Write for Us + General Guest Post and how it will benefit you as a writer and blogger.

Have you guest blogged on any website before? If yes, you must know how guest blogging benefits your career; if not, you can grab this opportunity and learn from the same.

Whether it is about your passion or your interests, blogging about something helps your imagination and creative skills grow. In addition, you learn a lot while researching something, allowing the readers to gain knowledge.

Today’s Write for Us + General Guest Post opportunity is perfect for you if you want to blog on our website.

About shake-event.org

Our platform, shake-event.org, is an online website focusing on blog posts related to the latest news information, review articles, and more. The platform aims to provide all the essential information regarding any trending news in one place. And that is why we are asking you to contribute a General + Write for Us post.

Topics covered on shake-event.org are health, money, technology, travel, gaming, shopping tips, and more.

Our goal is to become one of the most reliable platforms for readers to fetch the latest information. Therefore, we continuously update the website with the latest posts that might interest our readers, especially with our review articles which save them from online fraud.

Write for Us + General post invitation:

You have already guessed from the title. We invite you to write a guest post for our prestigious website and enlighten our readers.

Since we are not giving you any topic in particular, you can work on this guest post at your convenience and interest as long as you follow our guidelines.

Who can write General Write for Us?

This write-for-us opportunity is for any writer who can contribute content to our website. Whether you want to enlighten our readers with your expertise or if you wish to explore new topics and blog, we invite you wholeheartedly.

We always encourage keen and passionate writers to explore such opportunities and enjoy their benefits.

Guidelines for Write for Us General post:

Our goal is to provide the readers with the best quality content that adds to their knowledge and holds value. And we will only publish your content if we find it fit according to our guidelines.

Thus, here are all the instructions for you:

  • For any information, refer to trustable sources only.
  • Do not copy any content in your “Write for Us”+General guest post, and ensure 100% plagiarism-free content.
  • You can target a word limit of 800-1000 words and avoid mentioning redundant information.
  • Divide your content into paragraphs and make it more presentable.
  • Try and write as per the reader’s interest. Also, don’t leave any negative impact.
  • Always proofread the article and avoid silly errors before submitting your “Write for Us” + “General”.

SEO guidelines to follow:

  • Check the grammar score (must be 98+) for the content, along with the readability score (60+) and spam score (below 3%).
  • You can add a one-line description for your article at the end.
  • You must use SEO-friendly keywords throughout the content and highlight them.
  • Also, insert an external and internal link for the readers to refer to after reading.

Write for Us” + General topic ideas:

Since no particular topic is assigned, you can look up any trending news topic searched by people. In addition, you can pick up any category covered on our platform and contribute content to the same.

However, you must ensure that whatever topic you choose, you add the latest details in your article.

Importance of General + “Write for Us”:

  • Guest blogging is crucial for you as a writer or blogger because you gain experience.
  • You explore new things and connect with more people.
  • You get the chance to practice blog writing without creating your platform or worrying about its development or management.
  • You get the chance to publish your content on different platforms. For example, you can publish your Write for Us+General post on our website.

Why choose shake-event.org?

  • You can use our audience to grow and improve yourself.
  • You also get the chance to reach our global audience and receive their valuable feedback, if any.
  • We are a reputed and trusted platform; you will receive a professional boost if your article is published.
  • There are plenty of such guest blogging opportunities on our platform.

How to submit the General “Write for Us”?

After proofreading your article and avoiding all errors, you can submit it on this [email protected].

We will initially review your guest post and recommend it for further publication on our website.

Final Words:

We hope you will write an engaging and exciting blog for our readers. For writing the Write for Us + General Guest Post, you can take help from this link and learn more about blogging 

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