Write for Us + Education Guest Post: Check Out The Rules For Presenting A Guest Post!

The article lists the conditions, educational, and experience details required for the writers to submit their Write for Us + Education Guest Post articles.

Are you the person who wants to uplift the lives of the current younger generation by providing highly qualified educational articles? Have you acquired the necessary skills to share valuable information through Write for Us + Education Guest Post articles?

Then our shake-event website truly values your interest and abilities and cordially welcomes you to attempt this golden guest blogging opportunity. We have designed specific guidelines for interested candidates, and we sincerely request each one to follow those guidelines unfailingly.

About our website “shake-event.org”

The shake-event website is the most prominent platform that excels at sharing the latest news and reviews for our valuable Education + Write for Us readers. Periodically, our team gets updated on the most popular topics worldwide. In this way, we are currently dealing with a more significant number of informational topics. The highlighted part of our website is that we provide only 100% unique and authentic content. Our uniqueness has attracted many readers from all over the world.

Our genuine content falls into the niche of

  • Website Reviews
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Write for Us + Education Writers’ Essential Educational Qualifications and Experience

Education is one of the crucial human rights for all human beings, irrespective of gender, religion, or financial background.

However, some people do not receive a proper education. And the scenario has to change, and our shake-event team has taken steps to solve the education gap between the students.

Condition: We are using the “Write for Us” + Education guest post articles as a tool to generate awareness about education. Our article will focus on the upliftment of the students by providing practical solutions to their problems. And we need someone who can meet the aforementioned requirements.

Education qualifications: A person should have at least a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Experience: Experience in education and its associated areas is a must.

Write for Us Education Reference Topics

Education is a vast sector; it has millions of subtopics underneath it, so our shake-event team would like to give some reference topics. It is not necessary to select one of these topics. Writers can also choose on their own.

But it should be interesting, engaging, and informational to deal with the “Write for Us” + “Education” guest post article.

  • Education is a fundamental human right, so why is the global literacy rate so low?
  • How to overcome financial constraints when selecting a college or school to pursue one’s dreams?
  • Importance of governmental and educational institutions
  • Insights on efforts to make education a more inclusive one
  • Information on schools and colleges for physically disabled people and people of different genders

Education Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • Word limit of the educational article: 700 to 1500
  • Writers can use reports from international organisations, such as UNESCO findings, to bolster their arguments. But make sure to include the latest report’s findings.
  • The article’s tone should be conveyed encouragingly and politely without upsetting any particular group.
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation—everything should be 100% correct.
  • Write for Us+ Education writers can add compelling images related to their chosen topics.
  • Plagiarism activity should be eliminated at any cost. Our team will only process articles that are 100% authentic and unique. If not, then the article will be eliminated at the first view itself. Thus, we ask the writers to check any plagiarism check tool to confirm its uniqueness score.

“Write for Us” + Education articles SEO Guidelines

  • Writers should add two keywords to their articles: high-competition and low-competition. They can use the Google Keyword Planner to learn about the nature of the specific keywords.
  • Overusing keywords will defeat the purpose of SEO strategies, so use them wisely.
  • Internal linking is a must. Thus, writers should add internal and external website links without fail. 

Why choose “shake-event” for writing Education + “Write for Us” articles?

  • Our website has many monthly visitors; hence, everyone will show genuine support for the guest post article.
  • Articles will get more web impressions and more global recognition. An international reputation is a focal point that guarantees a bright career for the respective guest post writer.

How to submit the Education “Write for Us articles to our team?

The shake-event editorial team is responsible for accepting this guest blogging application. Thus, please send your article to this Mail Address [[email protected]].


Education has the power to create harmony in the world; similarly, educational articles will also have the ability to create a harmonious life for our Write for Us + Education Guest Post readers. Thus, we request each of you to bring sunshine into the students’ lives via your Educational articles.

Are you ready to provide your informative article to our website? Comment on it.

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